Pumpkins and Bunting Allotment Blog

There’s just something about allotments, once you have the bug it never really leaves you. The charm and character of the sheds dotted around, the soothing sound of trains whizzing along the track. The general chit-chat weather grumbles, and being around people who, like me, have a deep need for being at one with the seasons and growing food from a slice of land.

Hello I’m Karen, I started my allotment journey in 2011 and now I work 2 allotment plots, Plot 5 and 11w. I’m totally hooked on growing food and a bit obsessed with growing pumpkins and winter squash. The aim of this blog is to document the growing year on my allotments, share the ups and downs of allotment life and some growing tips too.

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allotment harvest

winter squash harvest 2018

You can get in touch with me at pumpkinsandbunting@mail.com or find me on Facebook and Instagram.